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The Howling

I rewatched this after having positive memories of seeing it on television long ago. Plot recap: Dee Wallace is Karen, a TV news anchorwoman in LA who has been getting messages from a serial killer who is obsessed with her. She agrees to meet with him, while wearing a wire, in the hope that she can bust him. But the wire doesn’t function and instead she is shadowed by a couple of cops. The killer lures her to a porno movie booth (through a happy face sticker device that is pretty creepy) and says disturbing killer-y things. When she screams,…

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Note to self: Does your novel have the same flaws as Crimson Peak?

Last year, I finished most of a draft of the sequel to Waking Up Naked In Strange Places (working title: Stripping Down to Scars). For a while I set it aside, because I was caught up in doing things related to the published novel, but during the Clarion West Write-a-Thon I decided to get back to it. I read what I had written. And… …it wasn’t good. To tell you. the truth, it was kinda boring. There was a lot going on, but no sense of urgency. It was somehow missing that fundamental spark that makes something a story instead…

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Movie: The Witch

Premise: An exiled Puritan family trying to survive in the wilderness is targeted by an enigmatic supernatural threat, but the worst threat might be the paranoia that drives them to turn on each other. Briefly: Beautifully made, with an excellent cast and a haunting soundtrack. The archaic language is a particularly interesting choice. However, if you’re looking for out-and-out scares, you will probably be disappointed. What follows might contain spoilers (depending on what you consider a spoiler), be thou warned! Hence! A witch movie set in early colonial New England cannot help but summon the specter of the Salem Witch…

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What Makes a Good Main Character?

What makes a main character my favorite? I’ve made a list of some of my favorite protagonists, from some of my favorite books, and thought about why they hooked me. I’m someone who is pulled in by character first, before ideas. I don’t have to directly relate to a character, but I do have to care about them, want to read about them, feel engaged in their struggle and their whole arc. Here is a list of some of my favorite protagonists of all time (not all of them, but still a very long list): Anne Shirley – Anne of…

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